Purpose Statement

Harvest Bible College aims to prepare students for dynamic Christian living, and for apostolic ministry in the church and to a lost world, through a one year programme totaling 780 hours of in-class teaching. The college provides the educational environment, instruction, resources, and experience needed by its graduates for effective lay and professional ministry and church related vocations. As such, our objectives as an institution are:

1. To help students gain a mastery of the content and meaning of the Bible.

2. To encourage in students an awareness of, and a complete surrender to, God’s will and calling.

3. To develop in students an intense concern for the salvation of people at home and abroad, and to help students acquire effective personal evangelism skills and an evangelistic lifestyle.

4. To cultivate in students the habits of obedience, prayer, Bible study and a devotional life as the foundation of all further ministry.

5. To help students acquire effective study methods and motivation for continued learning throughout life.